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You can call us for favorable "Standard Shipping Prices".


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Air Freight

Our team of experts and specialists provides Air Freight services including charters for specialist and general cargo and for consignments of any size.

Ground Shipping

Our team of experts offers you flexible and creative delivery solutions at affordable costs.

Quick Air Cargo

Quick Air Cargo cooperates with TNT, FEDEX, DHL and UPS to provide shipping and tracking of your international shipments.

Our team works in close communication with our clients in order to provide the best available service regarding your express or standard international shipping.

If the delivery time of your shipment is flexible, we deliver it to the contracted countries at even more economical prices (standard shipping).

Quick Air Cargo offers you safe and fast deliveries at most affordable prices.


Air Freight

We determine our freight according to your needs and transport all your cargoes from airport to airport or from door to door, at the most attractive and competitive prices, without any distinction by product, sector or size. International Cargo Bodrum

Ground Shipping

We have a strong sense of responsibility, taking into account the safety of all living beings encountered during all transportations and following the related regulations in all travelled territory. From the point of departure to the point of delivery, our projects comply with all international standards and are created with precision and rigor.

E - Commerce

We offer our customers solution opportunities for E-Commerce delivery shipments. In the E-Commerce sector, which increases every year, we send the deliveries of your online sales to 220 countries safely and economically.

With the spread of e-commerce, the commercial and customs rules of the countries are constantly changing. If you do not have the latest and updated information, customs issues may cause your shipments to be delayed. With its experienced staff, QAC Logistics follows the complex international trade regulations and provides you with the necessary information. This ensures that your shipment reaches its destination without any delay.

Corporate Overseas Cargo

We offer seamless transportation options according to your needs in your shipments from company to company. The most important issue for companies is to deliver corporate shipments to buyers within the promised time. With the principle of timely delivery, we deliver your corporate company shipments to your recipients or bring the packages sent to you from abroad with the same sensitivity.

Individual Cargo

With QAC Logistics, you can safely send your individual shipments to your loved ones, companies, consulates and similar places anywhere in the world. Depending on the urgency of your shipment, we offer you different time options to save time. Your individual shipments are picked up from your door and delivered to the address of the recipient. You can track the status of your shipment online and find out where it is. You can contact our customer representative to make a shipment.

Express Cargo

With Express Cargo, your international shipments reach the recipient within 1 to 4 labour days.

The cargo package or parcel is picked up at your doorstep and delivered to the recipient's door by express international cargo delivery service.

Apart from providing fast and safe shipping with our door-to-door express international cargo service, we provide this service at the most competitive and affordable prices.

You can consult our expert team for all your questions.

We guarantee safe, on-time delivery and offer high-quality service at the most affordable rate.

Substances Prohibited To Be Transported

Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Weapons And Weapon Spare Parts
All Kinds Of Live Animals
Counterfeit Products, Counterfeits Of Trademarks Protected By Trademark Laws
Religious And Political Propaganda Materials
Statues, (work of art or antique pieces)
Medical Prescription Drugs
Drugs And Tools Used In Drug Use
Explosive Substances
Food And Drinks
All Types Of Paper Money And Foreign Currency
Valuable And Convertible Papers
Food Supplements
Mobile Phones
Chemical Materials
Bearer Checks
Original Ship's Bill Of Lading
All Kinds Of Jewellery, Gold, And Silver (except small jewellery)
Tobacco Products



International Logistics

The importance of international logistics is constantly increasing in a climate of continued globalization. Both countries and multinationals are increasingly seeing the great importance of investing in logistics strategies. These logistics strategies, which aim to keep costs as low as possible and ensure customer satisfaction, also help companies and countries create a long-term competitive advantage.

The renewal and development of commercial activities are the main motivation for international logistics companies to improve their daily activities. Stockless systems, artificial intelligence innovations, the development of supply chains, increasingly globalized production and consumption cycles all underline the importance of the investments to be made for the development of logistics and international transport.

Fastest Shipping | International Air Freight | Bodrum International Cargo


Be Essential With Integrated Logistics Services

Turkey’s rapid transformations in the logistics sector, as well as in other sectors, have resulted in the development of value-added services. The main factor that determines the success of companies competing with others who are capable of producing very similar services in terms of operating costs and quality is their potential to provide a competitive advantage to their customers. The increase in customer demands and expectations have led to the diversification of production methods, and the creation of alternatives in combinations of products and logistics services. Logistics goes beyond its initial definition and becomes measurable according to its added value, its innovative and technological aspect, and its ability to reorganize production methods.

The ability of suppliers to create and present innovative systems becomes more important than their main product or service. For this reason, suppliers who want to be indispensable in the logistics industry go beyond their service provider status and take charge of supply chain management.



As Quick Air Cargo Logistics, since the beginning of our operations in 2019 Bodrum, our job consists in carrying a product or raw material from one point to another. It may sound simple, but we love the depth behind the simple appearance of logistics. In fact, through each product or raw material that we carry we deliver freedom, time, happiness, technology, well-being, inspiration, colorful discoveries, and the little pleasures of life.

We work diligently and passionately 24/7, with our expert team, competitive prices and international service network covering sea, air and road for your satisfaction and to see the smile on your face.


Our goal is to become the largest logistics company in Turkey that comes to mind globally while staying true to the importance we place on the human factor. This allows us to stay up to date and dynamic, while continuing our investments in technology, training, trust, and know-how.

With our Quick Air Cargo Marmaris and Quick Air Cargo Fethiye branches, we are just a phone call away for international cargo transportation. All in Turkey, please contact us for international cargo shipments.



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